The Best Dog-Friendly Companies to Work For

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Pawsome Perks: The Best Dog-Friendly Companies to Work for in 2023

Dogs are often referred to as man's best friend, but what about in the workplace? As more and more people are working remotely or have flexible work arrangements, the demand for dog-friendly workplaces has grown. And with good reason! Bringing dogs to work can increase employee happiness and productivity while also providing a source of stress relief and socialization. In this post, we'll explore the top dog-friendly companies to work for in 2023, from big tech giants to small start-ups.

Amazon - Seattle, WA

Amazon is one of the most dog-friendly companies in the United States, and for good reason. From the very beginning, dogs have been an integral part of the company's culture. In fact, the first dog to join Amazon was a Welsh corgi named Rufus, who became a surprisingly productive member of the team. Employees even used Rufus's paw to click the computer mouse to launch some of the earliest pages of Rufus's memory is still honored at Amazon today, with photos of him around the Puget Sound campus and a building named after him.

Nowadays, Amazon employees across the country enjoy bring-your-dog-to-work day every day, thanks to the efforts of the "Woof Pack," the team that helps make it safe for employees to bring their dogs to work. Thousands of dogs follow in Rufus's paw steps, including Lucy the Labrador, Sherriff the Golden-Aussie mix, and Martini the Papillion. And if you happen to land on one of Amazon's error 404 pages, you'll even be introduced to some of the dogs who come to work regularly.

But Amazon doesn't just allow dogs in the workplace; they actively encourage it. Reception desks in every office building stock dog treats and hand them out to any pooch who asks for one. And on the 17th floor of a building named Doppler, there's a doggie deck complete with a fake fire hydrant where dogs can run around. The neighborhood has no shortage of poop bag stations, designated dog relief areas, and dog-friendly water fountains. In 2019, Amazon even opened a community off-leash dog park in the Denny Triangle neighborhood for employees and dogs in the community to enjoy.

Having pets in the workplace has been found to lower stress and boost morale, but the benefits don't stop there. The dog-friendly policy also contributes to the company's culture of collaboration. As Lara Hirschfield, manager of Amazon's "Woof Pack," said, "Dogs in the workplace are an unexpected mechanism for connection. I see employees meeting each other in our lobbies or elevators every day because of their dogs." All in all, Amazon's dog-friendly policy is a win-win for both employees and their furry companions.

GoogleMountain View, CA

Google is known for its accommodating and inclusive work culture, which extends to its employees' furry friends. In fact, Google has allowed pets on its campuses for over two decades and even encourages its employees to bring their pets to work, especially at its headquarters in California. The company's first canine visitor was a leonberger named Yoshka, who quickly became friends with everyone and helped Google become a "dog-friendly company."

Over the years, Google has organized pet therapy programs and created shelter homes across its offices for pets and their owners. The company has a dog park called Doogleplex at its Mountain View campus, and in 2018, it created the Doogle group, an employee group and message board for those with pets. The group has been responsible for several pet-related initiatives, including virtual pet introductions during the pandemic.

While Google is primarily a "dog company," it does mention in its policies that it likes cats, but believes that any cats visiting its offices would be "fairly stressed out." The company has even accommodated other animals like rented goats to help mow down weeds and bushes at its headquarters. However, the company regulates these permissions for workplace efficiency and has certain limitations, such as excessive barking or biting, that can get a pet banned from the workplace.

Salesforce - San Francisco, California

Salesforce, the San Francisco-based maker of customer relationship management software, has developed a new experiment that allows employees to bring their furry friends to work. Dubbed as "Puppyforce," this new canine-friendly perk offers a communal workspace that serves as a mix between a doggy daycare and shared office, where up to six employees can work while supervising their pets. The onsite facility is managed by a network of dog lovers who have created an affinity group.

To use the facility, dogs must be registered with security and get a photo ID badge, and reservations are required as the room can often be full. However, even employees who don't own dogs have taken advantage of Puppyforce to spend time with their four-legged colleagues. The program has become so popular that the trial program is set to be expanded to other locations in Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, Munich, and Stockholm.

Salesforce's approach to collaboration that spawned Puppyforce is part of its unique culture of innovation. The company's workforce is highly flexible and doesn't have dedicated phones or desktop computers. Instead, employees use smartphones and laptops at long tables made of repurposed barn doors in an unreserved open plan. Moreover, Salesforce offers onsite wellness centers, high pay, and a lack of traditional workstations, all of which have helped the company earn a spot on our Best Companies list.

However, not everyone was keen on the idea of dogs in the workplace. Some colleagues were concerned about allergies, hygiene, and disruptive barking during important sales calls. To address these concerns, Salesforce created an independent, soundproof workspace for dog owners, complete with rubber flooring. This move showed that Salesforce is willing to listen to feedback and create solutions that meet everyone's needs.

Overall, Puppyforce has been a huge success at Salesforce, with employees reporting elevated moods and increased productivity. As Monika Fahlbusch, senior vice president of global employee success, notes, "Everybody who had concerns now raves about our solution because it really met everyone's needs."

Etsy - Brooklyn, NY

Etsy, the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, has a dog-friendly office policy that has been in place since the company's founding in 2005. The canine operations team, made up of friendly dogs such as Hoover, Starbuck, Sadie, and Fish, are a beloved fixture at Etsy headquarters. According to employee experience manager Sarah Starpoli, having dogs around helps maintain a casual, creative, and inspiring work environment that fosters a sense of community and connection.

Even employees who are not necessarily dog lovers have come to appreciate the presence of these furry friends. Elana Dweck, who manages the Etsy design studio and brings her golden retriever to the office a few times a week, says that her dog lifts people's spirits and offers levity to stressful situations. Learning and development consultant Paloma Medina adds that research has shown that having dogs in the workplace can reduce stress levels and increase laughter and joy, which can lead to improved focus, productivity, and creativity.

Beyond the benefits for Etsy employees, many members of the Etsy community also find inspiration and creative support from their pets. Dogs belonging to Etsy makers and curators offer lots of love and are often rescues with their own stories. The presence of dogs at Etsy reinforces the company's commitment to maintaining a supportive and collaborative work environment that values the well-being of its employees.

Ben & Jerry's - South Burlington, VT

Ben & Jerry's is not just a company that produces delicious ice cream flavors, but also a company that values the companionship of dogs. At their dog-friendly offices, employees are welcome to bring their furry friends to work, creating a welcoming environment for both humans and their pets. The K9-5ers, as they are affectionately called, start their day with treats and receive plenty of attention throughout the day with walks and cuddles.

For many employees, having their dog with them at work provides a sense of comfort and reduces stress. It's also a great way for employees to bond and connect with each other, as they share stories and love for their pets. Dogs have been known to bring people together, and at Ben & Jerry's, it's no different.

In addition to providing a welcoming work environment for dogs, Ben & Jerry's is also committed to social and environmental causes. They have a strong stance on issues such as climate change, marriage equality, and fair trade, among others. By supporting these causes and promoting dog-friendly policies, Ben & Jerry's shows their commitment to creating a better world for everyone, human and animal alike.

The benefits of allowing pets in the office are numerous. Employees feel more inspired, creative, and comfortable when their furry friends are around. Executives take pride in seeing their employees happy and thriving. By embracing pets in the workplace, Trupanion has created an overall better place to work.

Trupanion - Seattle, WA

When it comes to creating a pet-friendly workplace, Trupanion is a role model that many companies can learn from. Trupanion is a pet insurance company that provides medical insurance coverage for cats and dogs. From the very beginning, Trupanion has been a company that welcomes pets in the workplace. In fact, the company started with just the founder and his dog, Charlie.

Today, Trupanion has grown to become a company with over 400 employees and 230 pets, including 15 cats and over 200 dogs that can come to work on a regular basis. This pet-friendly workplace policy has resulted in a 1:2 pet to employee ratio, which is one of the highest in the country.

What sets Trupanion apart is that the company does not set a cap on the number of pets allowed, and there are no designated pet days. Instead, Trupanion has developed and tweaked its office pet rules to create a safe and productive environment for both employees and pets.

Trupanion's finely-tuned office pet policy is maintained by a designated Pet Team of employees, including those with veterinary clinic and pet care facility experience who provide guidance and review incidents. This ensures that all employees have a clear understanding of the office pet rules, which apply equally to everyone, from interns to executives.

The benefits of allowing pets in the office are numerous. Employees feel more inspired, creative, and comfortable when their furry friends are around. Executives take pride in seeing their employees happy and thriving. By embracing pets in the workplace, Trupanion has created an overall better place to work.

For companies and employers looking to make their employees happier, feel more at home, and experience lower levels of stress, Trupanion is a great role model to look to. So why not consider implementing a pet-friendly workplace policy like Trupanion's. You might just find that your furry coworkers are the key to a happier and more productive workplace.

Whether you're a seasoned employee looking for a new opportunity or a recent graduate on the job hunt, working for a dog-friendly company can be a great way to combine your love for dogs with your career. From companies with on-site dog parks to those that allow pets in the office, there are plenty of options available for dog-loving job seekers. By considering factors like company culture, location, and specific dog-related policies, you can find a workplace that not only supports your career growth but also your furry companion's happiness and well-being.

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