Dogzzle is a lifestyle clothing brand for dog lovers. Dogs are amazing. They bring so much joy to our lives, and we love them for that. We created Dogzzle as a fun way for people to celebrate the dog and human relationship. We wanted dog people to have a brand they could call their own. To build a community based on the mutual love of dogs, where people could come together and become part of something bigger than themselves and make a difference together.

Dogzzle Apparel Co. is a purpose-driven brand that's passionate about dogs. Not only do we make fun, creative clothing and accessories for dog lovers, we are dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs. We donate 10% of profits to no-kill animal shelters and dog rescue groups. HERE'S WHY

The name


Having our brand name resonate with fellow dog lovers was important to us. We wanted a name that was the embodiment of many of the characteristics we love about our dogs. 

Dogs are individuals, each full of their own unique personalities. They're silly, fun-loving, and always ready to play and make us laugh. They're authentic, unique, and endearing. In addition to these traits, the name needed to be short, concise, and convey exactly what the brand stands for. The perfect word didn't exist, so we made one up.

Dogzzle—it’s fun, unpretentious, memorable, and, like our dogs, 100% original!



Our concept was to combine the letter D and the silhouette of a dog into a distinctive graphic that was simple, timeless, and had mass appeal. Like all great logos, the mark needed to be recognizable as a separate object without additional branding elements. 

We used a design technique known as "negative space design" to bring our idea to life. Negative space design can be used creatively to form compelling visuals that have dual or hidden meaning. This is accomplished by using two color images where the subject forms a silhouette against the background. In the case of the Dogzzle icon, the shape of the letter D is the positive space, while the silhouette of the dog's head is formed by the negative space. The downward stroke in the letter D doubles as the dog’s ear.

Simplicity makes a logo easily recognizable, versatile, and memorable. When you combine the D icon with the Dogzzle name, we think you have a special and meaningful logo that people will love to wear.



Every good brand needs a mascot, and Drama’s our guy! Drama was inspired by the cartoon style of the 1930s known as "Rubber Hose" design. This style usually features bendy limbs, four-fingered hands, and eyes that are black and circular, but shaped like a pie with one slice removed. We hope you like the vintage vibes and the classic style that Drama brings to our designs.